Faux Locs

I had been toying with the idea of dreading my hair for years, and a few months back I gathered up the courage to do it. It was scary at first, but I felt good about my decision. With time I got bored with the short dreads and their limited styling options, I wanted long dreads…and I wanted them fast! Maybe patience is not a very strong suite of mine, but I had to explore the options.
I discovered faux locs, and I learnt that I could wear them over my baby dreads. I also learnt that the people with ‘real dreads’ look down on the ones with faux dreads, and you wouldn’t blame them, they are fake dreads! But I still wanted them! Who cares if they are real dreads or not?! Real emancipation should be about being able to choose what is best for you or what you want, in spite of what every one thinks or wants for you. So, I did the faux dreads, and it is now one month and I am still counting.

The pros:

1. They look better and neater than short dreads. There’s no need to worry about looking like a little school girl.
2. More styling options. They seemed a bit rigid at the start, but with washing and oiling, they now feel like real dreads.
3. You can still twist/ palm roll your dreads as the hair grows under the locs.
4. If you are as lazy as I am when it comes to thinking about what to put in your hair after your present style wears out, these are for you. You can wear them for as long as you like (of course, not too long). You just have to keep palm rolling your new growths or stray strands of hair into your forming dread lock.

The cons:
1. They can get too heavy, especially when new. You may struggle to find a comfortable sleeping posture for weeks. But with time, you get used to the weight, I don’t feel them now.
2. There’s the gross build up of dirt and hair products at the base of the locs. Using products that are not very greasy and washing regularly can help prevent/get rid of this.
3. There may be some hair-line damage, especially if they are twisted too tight.
I plan to wear mine for about 6 months, so I guess I will keep updating this list as I go. For now, I am loving the faux locs!


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